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Jb Genesis

My name is Maurizio Romano, if you have already read the origins page you know how all started…
I needed a good mini vario for my students here in China. So I started to design something with in mind an object small, light, settable without computer, precise, reliable and inexpensive. Well, after many months I was able to produce it at home. After some years of inactivity, another instrument with a small LCD is ready (2020/08) the Jb-L20. Jb stands for Just Beep...

Available only on big orders.

How it started: Origins


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To start a 360° Object VR click on this picture. Drag up or down to see Jb MINI standing up or laying down. Drag left or right to change the angle of view.



Jb-MINI-logoWith only 30 grams it weighs just as 1 AA rechargeable battery. Thanks to his thickness of 1.5 cm it can fit easily in a pocket. Don’t be fooled by these numbers… Jb MINI is a great tool. The sensitivity is 0.1 meter. The rechargeable LiPo battery run time on a full charge is 35 hours. Thanks to the 2 buttons you can set up thresholds, volume, disable sinking tone or disable multitone frequency and keep only 1 frequency. All your setting are kept in memory. If I fly around the takeoff or if I fly tandem I use Jb MINI. Also if I use other instruments for XC flying I keep one of this in the harness. It is always good to have a spare, and it really weighs as much as a battery.

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Jb MINI - size and weight 2 buttons for all the settings A light cockpit
Inside the shell Inside the shell What's in the box

I cannot say made in Italy, but i can say...      MADE BY ITALIAN  











I’m keeping researching and developing new products… This is just a passion and I hope to have good feedback so I can keep providing new effective instruments to a more than reasonable price

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