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It was in my mind since long time, a simple small instrument with LCD display, very responsive and light.
I procrastinated... then in the beginning of 2020 this damn corona-virus. Here in China we were forced to stay home for long time... I played with Condor Soaring for a while then i needed to do something more. I started to work full time... i tested many algorithm then we could go to fly... I further refined... and now it is perfect.

2 responsiveness modes - 2 main display modes, one is OLD GUY MODE with big numbers. Easy to read LCD with back-light in case you need...
Autonomy of 15 hours, weight 84 grams, size 100mm x 59mm x 17mm.

Firmware upgradeable by USB without the need of drivers installation.

It comes delivered inside a nice fined metal packaging.

Adhesive Velcro and Velcro strap are provided to set the instrument on the paraglider risers or wherever you prefer.

Many colors are available and the choice is growing and changing according to the request of the customers.

Jb-L20, there are already 8 colors available, and we are going to produce more. Check down, and if you wish for a color let us know

An Upgradeable variometer - GPS

On the circuit board of the Jb-L20 there is a serial port available. That allows future upgrade adding modules.

The GPS MOD is already available. This MOD adds tons of functionalities, Info like speed over the ground, glide ratio, GPS altitude, flying direction in degree plus an arrow, distance from the takeoff... are available. Check down on this page to know more about it.


Jb-L20, very responisve and light.
Jb-L20 comes in different colors - It weighs 86 grams included the aluminum D shape hook. Adhesive Velcro and Velcro strap are included.


The packaging is an exquisite tin case.


Jb-MINI-logoThe analogical bar shows the vertical speed. The first black triangle indicates that
you are in a range from 0.1 to 0.9 mt/sec (or m/sec) . the first black box is from 1 to
1.9 mt/sec and so on till 5.9. From 5.9 to 10.9 on the black box is drawn a white triangle. If the vertical speed is 0 no triangle or box is drawn. Jb-L20 is powered by a special lithium polymer battery usable till 80 °C. Run time on a full charge =15 hrs. It charges in 3 hrs using a micro USB cable (the one used for mobile phones). The shell is made of ABS and rubber on the sides, so you can have a nice grip on it.

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Analogical variometer. Cyan, one of many colors 2 of the new colors, fluorescent orange and deep purple. Here you can see the 2 main display layout: to the right OLD GUY MODE (bigger numbers). Backlight is on.
Our Green. A Velcro strap for the riser and a piece of adhesive Velcro are provided The tin case packaging is a perfect fit for the Jb-L20. Both are small. The main menu, selected OLDGUY.

I cannot say made in Italy, but i can say...      MADE BY ITALIAN  





MOD here stands for MODULE and for MODIFICATION.

There is a serial port available on the PCB of the Jb-L20. So you can connect everything you want, but a firmware implementation need to be done. To connect the GPS, also some minor modification to the PCB need to be done.

The MOD can be added at any moment. You can buy a Jb-L20 and add the GPS later, or you can buy the vario with the MOD already installed.

If you own a Jb-L20 you can buy the MOD and install it yourself or you can let us find someone to install it for you.

If you have installed the module by yourself the next step is to download the Jb-L20-G firmware and you are good to go!!!

The MOD is called PROGRESSION... it allows "fresh pilots" to evolve from "around takeoff flyer" to XC pilots. Info like speed over the ground, glide ratio, GPS altitude, flying direction in degree plus an arrow, distance from the takeoff... are available.
JB-L20 with GPS Mod. can be connected to XCSOAR, XCtrack... on Android or kobo... If you want the support for other software just ask and I will implement it, it's easy.

Just above the battery icon there is a small empty circle… it will be filled black after 3 minutes if at least 7 satellites are used. At that moment the way point of the takeoff is memorized, DFT distance from takeoff is shown in one menu. After the circle is filled the barometric altitude will be adjusted to the GPS altitude if you have set ACBG (altitude correction by GPS) to ON (will be corrected only 1 time... baro altitude is used to calculate the glide ratio...)

Please check the manual for further details and instructions.

NOTE: For Jb-L20 GPS MOD, being an added module to the basic variometer the GPS track cannot be saved on the instrument... There isn't an SD card on the PCB. If you want to save the GPS track you can connect the instrument to XCSOAR or XCtrack installed on your mobile or on Kobo, these among other applications will record the flight as an IGC file or other formats. Please check the Media page to see a video about that.

Jb-L20 GPS MOD, GPS and Beidou Global Navigation Satellite System, here screen C
Jb-L20 GPS MOD, GPS and Beidou Global Navigation Satellite System. Here locked on 29 satellites.


Jb-L20 GPS MOD Screeen C Jb-L20 GPS MOD Screeen A Jb-L20 GPS MOD Screeen B Jb-L20 GPS MOD Jb-L20 GPS MOD GPS-MENU Jb-L20 GPS MOD - connection to Kobo XCSOAR






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